Fast, furious, fun!

Flyball is perfect for any dog who loves a tennis ball and has too much energy!

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Orla has improved her flyball massively over recent months and years with the help and support of her team. Her box turns can disappear when she gets over excited in

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Layla is now in the twilight of her flyball career at 10 this month but still loving it and is very much fit and active. She took part in the

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Betsy is a lively, chatty Bull Terrier who was rehomed at 18 months. After an unsuccessful career as a show dog, we found the lovely, friendly welcoming family of Rapid

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Lexi is a rescue Greyhound/Saluki cross. She is very speedy and very green. She is growing in confidence and 2024 will be the start of her Flyball training. Bodhi will

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Lily is a ball obsessed 3 year old border terrier X minature poodle.  She has what appears to be never-ending stamina, and aside from foxes, she has eyes only for

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Patch is a Cocker Spaniel cross lab. He started Flyball shortly after his first birthday in spring 2016 and loved it from the first evening! Patch has a working dog

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Since the last update Birdie has gone thru a few challenges, not least the annoying habit of chasing! However, thankfully this was short lived and has spent the last year

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I am very new to flyball and I want to follow in my sister’s footsteps (Orla). I first experienced flyball when my new family took me to their first UKFL

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