Fast, furious, fun!

Flyball is perfect for any dog who loves a tennis ball and has too much energy!

Our Members


Since writing the last bio Bracken has come on in confidence. She still occasionally makes up her own game of flyball when distracted but on the whole is turning into

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Sid and I are new to the team, we are enjoying every moment of it (even when getting out on the road at 4 in the morning for a competition)!

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Lucky was the first registered bulldog to do flyball in open competition. He has been part of the flyball team since 2016. He was part of Brighton Ballsorts who went

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Lily is a ball obsessed 3 year old border terrier X minature poodle.  She has what appears to be never-ending stamina, and aside from foxes, she has eyes only for

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Betsy is a lively, chatty Bull Terrier who was rehomed at 18 months. After an unsuccessful career as a show dog, we found the lovely, friendly welcoming family of Rapid

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Mazinger (Maz) is a 3 year old Podenco Ibicenco, he is our team’s gentle giant.  Maz was found abandoned in the mountains above Malaga in December 2020.  Fortunately, he was

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Jessie is a 4 year old Pomerpoo with a number of different disguises! Before a haircut she is a fluffy, cuddly bundle, then after she is small and streamlined and

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I am very new to flyball and I want to follow in my sister’s footsteps (Orla). I first experienced flyball when my new family took me to their first UKFL

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