About Rapid Rascals


What is Flyball?

This question comes up quite a lot when we talk about Flyball. Everyone seems to know about Agility but not Flyball. Agility is in a much more controlled environment where the dogs have to undergo an obstacle course with their handler running next to them, giving necessary commands. Where as flyball is much more fast paced and working in a team, we feel, makes it much more social for the handlers too.

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Who are Rapid Rascals?

Rapid Rascals is a friendly, approachable club with dogs and owners from all walks of life coming together for the good of our dogs.

Everyone is willing to help and encourage others for the good of the team and the progression of the dogs.


Well you would say that wouldn't you!?

Of course we would but here’s a recent example of exactly what Rapid Rascals is all about which you can find on our Facebook page

This will give you an idea of what we’re all about and why we do what we do.

More information?  Please get in touch and find out for yourself