Since the last update Birdie has gone thru a few challenges, not least the annoying habit of chasing! However, thankfully this was short lived and has spent the last year excelling in her own way. She, alongside her team Absolute Rascals, came first in Division 6 at the UKFL Championships in August. The next day she won her singles division too! She has a current PB of 4.27 seconds which I hope to chip away at. She has won countless places, with her team and as a single. As she has matured, her work ethic, love of the game and bond with me has grown 10 fold.
The next year I will be building on the great dog she already is, improving technique and seeing how fast she can go this year! ?? (Feb ’23)


Birdie has begun her foundation training has a wonderful work ethic, loves the foundation games she has had. I can’t wait for her to compete but we are a away of that yet!