Since writing the last bio Bracken has come on in confidence. She still occasionally makes up her own game of flyball when distracted but on the whole is turning into a great flyball dog! The bond between Bracken & I (Hayley) has grown beyond measure. She had many many highs in 2022 including a singles division win, placing 3rd in her singles division at her first UKFL champs, a cameo appearance in our League team & achieving her Cadet Pin Badge award. The hopes are that this enjoyment continues for Bracken and she finds herself in a league team in her preferred position of anchor. (Feb ’23)


Bracken is a Springer Spaniel Cross who suffers with Seasonal Vitaligo (so she never looks the same in any photo!) She is a cheeky, happy, ball obsessed funny girl who has decided that sometimes she will make up her own rules to her favourite game of flyball. However this goofball photo pretty much sums her up!