Nellie, aka nellbot, pocket rocket, the machine, and many more is probably the noisiest height dog in the ukfl. A lover of anything ball, Nellie’s flyball career has been eventful and fun filled, she was part of our division winning team at ukfl champs 2022. At 9 years old she ran  her fastest time to date at 5.22, ran an unofficial 5.16, then equalled her 5.22 in the first comp of 2023. She just gets stronger and faster! You will always hear her before you see her!! (Feb ’23)


6 years old, 3 yrs flyball, noisy but not at home unless it’s dinner time when she does box turns off the dishwasher.
Has her own cat, in her spare time enjoys walking, running, pubs, wrestling with her cat, socks, finding/stealing tennis balls
fave food: cucumber