We discovered one of our team dogs, had a sudden illness which could turn bad, fast. Her parents arranged one last pack walk and with only a few days, everyone in our team, dropped everything, to take her on her final pack walk with her team mates and hoomans. My team are just next level incredible. They never cease to make me proud with their compassion, kindness to others and eachother, we are more than a team, we are family. And in times like these, when Yeti and her pawrents needed their team to rally around and be there, they were. Everyone was there, no question. Yeti, Ariyetti, Skrettle, Sketti, petal, by whatever name, Yeti was a truly special pooch. Her pawrents waited a year to bring her home as she was part of a court order from the previous owner.When she finally went to her forever home, she never looked back. Claire and Ant gave Yeti everything and she returned the favour with lobe in abundance. Her short life has been full to the brim of love, flyball, scentwork, pack walks, pond swims, cafe stops and joy and much more, never a boring day for Yeti. Yeti LOVED Everyone. She gave love to every single person she met. She was one of those dogs, everyone was attracted to. Her perfect chocolate brown eyes and walrus whiskers will never be forgotten. She loved dogs, she loved Flyball, but mainly she loved life. There will be a huge void in Brighton Flyball.Yeti will always be remembered for her silky ears, her shiny fur, her smooshy mouth and her enormous heart. We were richer for knowing her, poorer for losing her.