Mazinger (Maz) is a 3 year old Podenco Ibicenco, he is our team’s gentle giant. 

Maz was found abandoned in the mountains above Malaga in December 2020.  Fortunately, he was rescued and the Helpers of the Pods and Dogs began the process of rehoming him in the UK. 

Maz was adopted by Nellie, Ruby  and their family in April 2021. As an ex-hunting Pod, they wanted to give him another job to do. Maz is a busy boy, and like many rescued Podencos has limited recall. 

He really enjoys his foundation training and has an enviable box turn for such a big dog. Flyball has been a great focus for his busy working brain and his recall during training has really improved. This is his first year of Flyball and he has practised his training in PC slots at competitions. With the help of his team he is beginning to put all the elements of his training together. We hope to see him competing in the lanes later this year. (Feb ’23)