Goodwoof - May 2023

A poem wot I wrote!

Goodwood Goodwoof
good days
Good stuff
Working at Have a Go

Big dogs small dogs
short hair and fluffy dogs
An incredible dog fest show

Barking snuffling
Whining and woofing
It’s a dog world everywhere

Down to business
Chuck a ball
See fido fly through the air


Ball in mouth
Ears all flapping
leaping hurdles in style

Some more challenging
Gone bonkers or wondering
Team working hard all the while

Owners laughing
Mobiles videoing
Memories later to share

Dogs are chasing
To please their owners
Tennis balls everywhere


Dog bowls dripping
Slobber on everything
But never a poo to be seen

Doggies all happy
Owners looking snappy
Swathed in a summery sheen

Then on comes the disco
Ministry of hound
Dogs and owners boogie to the funky sound

But still in flyball lanes
Dogs are running round and around


The flyball team
Old pro’s what they are
Greet every dog like it’s a movie star

Hi pitched enthusiastic
Greeting pooches by name
To pave the way for canine fun as they start to play the game

But sadly good things have to end
Sun kissed and tired shed a gentle tear
But hopefully we’ll all be back for more barking fun next year

Poem by Goodwoof Tim