Merlin is a 2 year old Border Collie (a tri-coloured merle) born on Halloween, who started with the beginners group in March 2022, and then moved to the Intermediate group 6 weeks later. He has developed quite quickly, particularly when it comes to doing the right tricks to get treats when he thinks its appropriate! Merlin now plays with the big boys during the team training nights since January 2023, and his first attempts as a ‘newbie’ are looking favourable – his speed is increasing, and he is rarely distracted once sent on his way to the box. We haven’t yet played our part in a competition, but hopefully it won’t be long, but we have already noted a much closer relationship and understanding between dog and his much slower owners. It was of course a bit nerve racking meeting the team on the first night, but everyone has been so very welcoming and friendly, and we look forward to being truly a part of this team. Watch this space… (Feb ’23)